Sustainability Management Plan

Name company/department: Hotel City Zürich
Duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2018

1 = high priority, quick & easy to realize, yield or savings
2 = middle priority, high effort, medium to large yield
3 = low priority, high effort, low yield

√/X = fix determination of position after 1 year/level of goal achievement √ = completed   X = not yet completed






No.Critical occurrence/problem area/Action/measuresDeadlinePriority√/X
1. reduce energy consumptionreplace all lamps to LED lamps in all roomsimmediately1
2.reduce water consumptionbuy water saving valvesyear end2
3.waste sortingorder separate waste bins for cardboard, paper, PET and glass immediately1
4.where possible use soaps, shampoo and detergents from organically produced productsget offers and changeimmediately1
5.recycling toilette paperget offers and changeimmediately1
6.recycling printing paperget offers and changeimmediately1
7.heat pump and recoveryconstantly check energy consumption against environmental accountingmonthly1
8.where possible select regional suppliersfor new suppliers prefer regionalat all times1 waste separation as well as electricity and water savings by the guestscreate a concept about active waste separation as well as electricity and water savingsat all times2
10.ecologically certified restaurants for our guestscreate and provide list of ecologically certified restaurantsyear end2
11.reduce pollutioncontinuous monitoring of the waste volume, energy and water consumptionat all times1



Sociocultural / Employees


No.Critical occurrence/problem areaActionsDeadlinePriority√/X
1.every employee has the opportunity to train internally or externally; the company pays proportionally or the full amount depending on training and years of serviceinternal and external training for each employeeat all times2 case of any problem the supervisor acts as a contact personthe staff handbook will be reviewed regularlyimmediately1
3.program for employees to be able to influence management decision makinga mailbox is set-up in the staff area where each employee can post feedback or criticism anonymouslyimmediately2
4.create transport operations of each departmenttraining to the transport operationsyear end3
5.create quality system for each departmentquality system trainingyear end3
6.train employees about process of handling catastrophescatastrophe management trainingyear end3
7.inform employees about waste managementwaste management trainingyear end3
8.inform employees about saving waterwater consumption trainingyear end3
9.inform employees about energy consumptionenergy consumption trainingyear end3



Safety / Health


No.Critical occurrence/problem area/Action/measuresDeadlinePriority√/X
1.all employees have to know how to behave in case of fire regular fire trainingyear end2
2.all employees have to know what to do in case of an emergencyorganize a first aid courseyear end2
3.ability to revive guests in an emergencybuy a defibrillatoryear end2
4.all employees have to know how to use a defibrillatororganize defibrillator trainingyear end2
5.all technical systems must be checked and maintained regularlyregular maintenance of technical equipment and check of maintenance contractsat all times1
6.all employees have to know the safety commissionernominate a safety commissionerimmediately1



Quality management


No.Critical occurrence/problem area/Action/measuresDeadlinePriority√/X
1.steady assessment of qualitythrough targeted guest surveys and evaluation of "Trust You"at all times1
2.continuous improvements where requiredby evaluating guest questionnaires and "Trust You" findings of recurring problems and defects, then fix themat all times1





No.Critical occurrence/problem area/Action/measuresDeadlinePriority√/X
1.act trustworthy and professional towards all suppliers, employees and guestsevery supplier, employee and guest is treated equally; we make no cultural or economical differencesat all times1